Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness: Bird’s eye camera angle needs work

Lesley Visser interviews Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim
      Lesley Visser’s halftime interview with Jim Boeheim did not go over well during coverage of the NCAA March Madness tournament. The coach ignored the sideline reporter’s second question and headed into the lockers. A few camera angles were also questionable during the Sweet 16 broadcast.
     First, high corner shots during play provided a different angle, but the angle gave the impression to focus on the action beyond the three-point line and away from the hoop. The worst camera angle, in my opinion, was the bird’s eye view during live action. Similar to the cameras that hover over the huddle during NFL games, these camera angles tried to provide a unique view aside from the regular, center and lower views used during games. However, the view did not work for a basketball game. Even though the shot was good to see for a brief moment, the camera shot made it difficult to see the ball go in the basket.
     The NFL uses the bird’s eye view to show the huddle prior to the play and replays for the commentators to analyze the play, but I do not remember the angle being used during live action. My recommendation would be to adopt the NFL use of this camera view in order to provide unique angles while keeping the viewers satisfied.

(Editor's Note: Adam Kuffner is a senior Sport Management major at Bowling Green State University. He is also president of the Sport Management Alliance).

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